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Homeowner & Warranty Home Inspections

Whether you’ve owned your home for a long time, just had a new home built or recently finished a remodeling or home addition project, hiring a local, residential home inspector can provide you with valuable insight on your home’s current or repaired conditions. Advanced Inspections LLC provides a few different inspections for owners in Delafield, Oconomowoc, Hartland, Pewaukee and the rest of Wisconsin’s Lake Country area.

Professional Home Inspections

Home Warranty Inspections

Our warranty home inspections are ideal for new construction and remodeling or addition projects to ensure the work was done safely and professionally. Our certified home inspectors will provide a thorough inspection report that outlines any repairs that likely could be covered under your home warranty, which can be extremely helpful when trying to approach your seller, builder or remodeler about defects or flaws.

Detail Oriented House Inspection

After Purchase & Consultation Home Inspections

We can provide homeowners with an after purchase or consultation home inspection which simply assesses the home’s current state, as well as the safety of any decks, balconies, pools, outbuildings, and other detached structures. Through these home inspections, our certified inspectors often discover issues that homeowners don’t notice or don’t realize are serious and need be fixed before they become major hazards. 

Seller Home Inspections

Refinance Home Inspections

Many times, a home inspection is required in order for the homeowner to refinance their home. Advanced Inspections LLC can provide a home inspection for refinance. These inspections are often not as involved as other home inspections and can usually be limited to inspecting the roof, electrical, HVAC and plumbing.

Before it’s your home

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